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The Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center

The Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Area includes the entirety of the municipal limits of the City of Niagara Falls. The City is internationally recognized for tourism and recreational opportunities; and possesses an unparalleled density of historic resources, narratives, sites, experiences, and research opportunities related to the Underground Railroad. The Heritage Center preserves the historic role of the people of Niagara Falls in facilitating freedom for the oppressed.

The places and stories associated with this network of freedom seekers, free African Americans, and abolitionists evoke powerful themes in American history and celebrate the bravery of the men and women who risked their own lives to achieve the most basic rights of liberty. It is the mission of the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Area Commission to educate and inform the community about the rich local heritage associated with the Underground Railroad and Abolitionist movement, and to conserve and enhance the historic, cultural, economic and architectural resources of Niagara Falls. Click here for more information.

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