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Meet Kelly Diane Galloway The FreeTHEM Captain

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Kelly Diane Galloway is the founder and president of Ramp Global Missions, a Christian Humanitarian organization that serves the needs of the broken, impoverished, exploited, and hurt around the globe.

Since an early age Kelly always had a passion for helping people. Her service to the community began when she was only six years old. Alongside her parents she helped prepare and serve meals to those experiencing homelessness in her hometown of Buffalo, New York. She worked in local clothing closets, community centers, and at the age of nine, she converted a room in her childhood home into a tutoring center for neighborhood children who were having difficulty in school.

Her heart has always been to help and fight for those who may be considered the underdog, disadvantaged, or forgotten.

Today, she oversees orphanages and safe houses for children in need of families in India, Nepal, and Guatemala, and those exploited as labor and sex slaves in the United States. When asked, her most heart breaking encounter was when she rescued four girls, the youngest of which was four years old from the garbage dumps of Guatemala. They were being sold to garbage truck drivers for the first/best pickings.

She has opened long term restoration homes for women who have been victims of human trafficking in the United States--- Mona's House.

Kelly is an award winning and highly sought after international speaker, humanitarian, author, philanthropist, and abolitionist; however her greatest achievement in life is to be known as a servant of God, and mankind. When she takes her last breath, her only goal is to have died empty, giving this world all she had to give.

To support Kelly Diane on her journey towards Freedom CLICK HERE

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