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Introducing Selena Mae Roberts: A FreeTHEM Walker

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Selena Mae Roberts is a force, a change agent, and overcomer! She is the epitome of what it takes to live life the way you were destined.

Selena grew up in the foster care system which makes her a part of a vulnerable population that traffickers try to exploit. Today, she serves as a mentor to young women who are often overlooked, and unheard. She kelps them build their confidence and fortify their walls of hope!

Selena is a serial entrepreneur, who owns several thriving business and is making her mark in the fashion and beauty industry as well as photography.

She is walking for all the voices who are not being heard... for the freedom that has yet to be given... and for the justice yet to be served.

To support Selena CLICK HERE

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