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Introducing Maxwell Fontaine: A FreeTHEM Walker

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Maxwell Fontaine is the definition of holistic Freedom. With a firm conviction that freedom isn't just physical, this New Jersey native works everyday to make sure that people are free to live the lives they were destined through ownership of land... but never people!

Maxwell is a firm believer that all people should be educated on home ownership! He believes that one of the basic needs people have is a roof over their head... that is why he works tirelessly to help the community attain that. As Founder and Executive director of the Fontaine Foundation, Maxwell and his team works tirelessly to help others achieve this type of Freedom.

Maxwell states that his reason for joining the FreeTHEM walk is to "use his male privilege to bring more awareness to human trafficking, and to be a part of the reestablishment of victims lives once they overcome their bondage."

To support Max during his journey CLICK HERE

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