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Introducing Kimera Lattimore: A FreeTHEM Walker

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Kimera Lattimore is an all around creative! A national recording artist. singer, songwriter, musician, poet, rapper, vocal teacher, theologian and Elder of the gospel. Currently she's the music director and worship leader of Renovation church and a youth advocate for youth and young adults to express creatively and have additional outlets to do so.

She's the force behind; an Enterprise compiled of Visual art and storytelling, a kingdom centered clothing line, and non for profit organization that provides food, clothing and necessities for the less fortunate called "The Birthday Project ''.

Kimera is also the Founder and CEO of "ECHO International School Of Music''. An uprising eclectic music school for the musicians and trailblazers of this generation and generations to come. Kimera is a visionary who believes "We were all created, by the creator, to create". Her life is devoted to creating moments where God's presence is evident and showing the youth that they can be free in using all the creativity of their being to do the same.

Being a victim of sexual abuse in her adolescence, Kimera understands the mental captivity that trauma evokes. Therefore walking 1,000 miles to freedom is a monumental pursuit in breaking the silence for all those enslaved. Throughout this journey she will be raising awareness as a door of escape for the youth behind her who too need music as an anchor, a shoulder, or a door. Kimera's vigorously walking to bust open the bars of trauma, neglect, and limitations into a freedom of music and expression that heals. A "sound" mind is a free mind.

I'm passing you the mic, and I need you, to help me, FreeTHEM!

To Support Kimera along the way CLICK HERE

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