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Introducing Julius Land: A FreeTHEM Walker

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Julius Land is a creator, builder, writer, an embodiment of resilience, but most importantly a father. His passion to help his community and influence a generation is why we are proud to announce him as a FreeTHEM Walker.

Julius, a native of Buffalo, New York has worked to literally build a better city; one house, one family, and one business at a time. When he was younger, Julis served several years in a state penitentiary. He describes what he witnessed while living behind bars as “warehousing of bodies.” Several men, primarily men of color were serving more than enough time in prison. Men working for less than legal wages, treated more like slaves than humans, black bodies lining the pockets of rich white men and women... this looked all too familiar. It was slavery again— still legal.

Determined to not let his past dictate his future, Land did the hard work in becoming the man he was destined to be. He now owns a construction and home improvement company, writes and creates film, acts, and enriches the lives those around him. He realizes that to affect the community to have to be an active part and invest in it, which is why he is committed to help end human trafficking though his support and volunteerism at Project Mona's House-- Western New York's first restoration home for human trafficking victims.

Julius walks because he believes that Freedom is the most basic human right! He walks for those whose movement is limited because they are victims of slavery within mass incarceration! He walks for those whose names have yet to be said, who deserve freedom. He walks for his daughter and all girls like her! He stands and uses his voice because he believes in freedom for EVERYONE!

We are happy to have Julius in our FreeTHEM Walk Family.

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