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Introducing Dr. Kimm Hunley: A FreeTHEM Walker

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Dr. Kimberly T. Hunley is a College Professor and a Corporate Executive specializing in organizational change. She is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, mentor, and career coach. Originally from Buffalo, New York, she relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina after completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences from Virginia State University. While working full time, Dr. Hunley earned her Master of Business Administration degree from Pfeiffer University and her Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree from the University of Phoenix.

In addition to Dr. Hunley's wealth of corporate experience, she also actively serves in an area she is most passionate about, helping others. As a mentor, she helps others recognize the importance of investing in self and in the communities they live in. As a coach, she connects people with those who will support, encourage, and hold them accountable to ensure goals are achieved. She takes her role as a coach, educator, and connector seriously AND personally. She is an advocate for freedom of self and encourages people to dig deep to determine who they, what they stand for, and what they believe in.

The driving force behind Dr. Hunley's ardency is her understanding that God created us in God's image with the freedom of choice. Every person deserves freedom.

She said, "Freedom to be ME and all that is ME means freedom to practice my faith; to love, to serve, and fellowship with others; and to build upon my ancestor's legacy of education, entrepreneurship, and human rights advocacy. We all should be free from the hatred of oppression!

She said "this hit home for me in 2016 when my sister fought off two males in Nepal who tried to abduct her for the purpose of a "real Nepali" experience. She ran to safety and eventually shared this story. I realize my sister's passion to help others can be dangerous. She is fearless and steadfast. Also, learning how #ProjectMonasHouse came to be, is why I walk. No one should be willing to sell their child!"

We are proud to have Dr. Kimm join us on this journey! To support her journey CLICK HERE

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