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Introducing Chris Bishop: A FreeTHEM Walker

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Chris Bishop is a movement all by herself, but we are so happy that she is joining us for The FreeThem Walk. She is an official FreeTHEM Walker

Chris is the owner of High Klass Hair, a high end salon located in Buffalo, NY. She is also a licensed life insurance agent who believes in transforming families through financial security, emotional peace, and community. She has helped countless families through her nonprofit, Kyle's Gifts From Heaven which provides gifts, support, and groups for children who have lost a parents.

She has always been community focused with a big generous heart. Chris Bishop has locked arms with Project Mona's House, and The FreeTHEM Walk , and continues to stand with us.

As a mom and a black woman, Chris is walking for future generations, and for her ancestors.

To support Chris on her journey CLICK HERE

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