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Introducing Drea d'Nur: A FreeTHEM Walker

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Drea d'Nur is the embodiment of Freedom. As a 5x lifegiver, artist, activist, writer, organizer, law maker, and humanitarian we are HONORED to have her join us on the FreeTHEM Walk.

Drea is a history maker as she helped establish the first restoration home for human trafficking victims in Western New York-- Project Mona's House. She echoes the sentiments of the legendary Nina Simone, in that "Freedom is living with no fear". She works tirelessly to help heal, and lead others to their free places.

As a mother of 5 children and countless others in her community, she fights for freedom for her black sons and daughters. She fights for the Freedom of those don't get the Justice they deserve. She and her team were instrumental in the passing of Cariol's Law. A law that holds law enforcement accountable and makes it their duty to intervene when a citizen's life is in jeopardy at the hand of a public servant.

She is the Founder of Western New York's first Safe, Organic, and Halaal food pantry, Feed Buffalo, which ensures that ALL people can eat without compromising their faith and dietary restrictions. She served hundreds of families during the Coronavirus pandemic who were quarantined and had no food.

Although people around the world know d'Nur for her healing sounds, and powerful lyrics, her biggest accomplishment is raising 5 children who are healthy, happy, and loved. The light from Drea's life will seen throughout eternity as a result of the harvest of love and servitude

she has planted throughout her life.

To support Drea d'Nur as she journeys 902 miles on the Underground railroad to FreeTHEM click HERE

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