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Bucktown General Store

A very vulnerable part of Harriet Tubman’s story occurred at this location. Bucktown was known to be a community with two stores and surrounding farms. Harriet Tubman was sold to a farmer in the area. They went to a store to purchase a few items that they needed for the house when another enslaved individual was attempting an escape. Harriet Tubman was ordered to help tie this man up, but she refused to participate in this action. The man was able to break free. Harriet Tubman was struck in the head with a two-pound weight, almost killing her. This injury affected her for the rest of her life. She explained that her hair had saved her life. Her skull was cracked and she wasn’t even provided with a bed for her to rest her head. She was forced to work again despite the blood pouring from her head. Click here for more information.

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