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Awareness + Education:

Names You Should Know:

Are you familiar with these names? Delicia Carmichael, Keiana Aldrich, Patrice Smith, Chrystul Kizer, and Alexis Martin. WE ALL SHOULD BE! This is just a short list of people who have experienced double victimization.

Meet Delicia Carmichael:

Delicia (Lici) Carmichael is a name that everyone should know. She is a human trafficking victim exploited by people who she believed and should have loved her. 

Meet Zephi Trevino:

Zephaniah Trevino, or as she likes to be called Zephi, is  is a victim of human trafficking, and is being charged with a crime she did not commit but was only a witness to. Her story is heartbreaking, and her case is still being fought today. However, there are ways you can help.

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